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Play detector PD5710-15-20-30 series

The hydraulic PD5710-15-20-30 play detector series for heavy vehicles is designed to check quickly and efficiently most steering and suspension components.

Quick, Simple & Effective!

The play detector consists of an hydraulic power unit, a control lamp (cable connected or wireless) and two platforms each with a hot dip zinc chequered plate. One for the left wheel and one for the right wheel.

Each platform is actuated by two hydraulic cylinders. Four models are available: the PD5710 (cable torch), PD5715 (=PD5710 but with wireless RF torch), PD5720 (cable torch) and PD5730 (= PD5720 but with wireless RF torch). The model number determines the possible movements of the platforms as well as the type of control lamp supplied.

Movements PD5710/PD5715
  • Front, rear, left, right, diagonal.
Movements PD5720/PD5730
  • Front, rear, left, right, diagonal.
  • Automatic mode.
  • Anti-fase.
  • Independent left & right platform.
PD57xx set of 2


PD5710-15-20-30 series
Electro-hydraulic, 2 platforms
Maximum axle load
20000 kg (drive over)
Sliding force/platform
30000 N
100 mm
Test speed
40 mm/sec
Operating pressure
150 bar
1 x 3 kW
Platform: 950 x 800 x 217 mm (LxWxH)
Power supply
3PH 400 V / 50 Hz


  • Floor frame set
  • Hydraulic hose set
  • Modification set 3PH 230V / 50Hz
  • Modification set 3PH 230V / 60Hz
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PD2610-2620 control lamp
PD5710 - PD5720 control lamp.
PD-RF torch models -15 and -30
PD5715 - PD5730 RF control lamp.