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901L Digital display

The Altus® 901L is a full digital display for roller brake testers and test lanes up to 8 kN. It is designed for operators who prefer a digital read-out.

Options supplied as standard!

Several combinations of equipment, peripherals and accessories can be connected to create a test lane for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles exactly adapted to the needs and possibilities in the workshop.

The 901L contains a large digital dual LED brake force scale for brake forces left and right. The outer LED’s represent left and are displayed in red. The inner LED’s represent right and are displayed in green. The digital LED display is designed for a clear presentation of all numerical values in brake force, difference (imbalance), efficiency, weight, suspension and sideslip.

  • Full automatic test sequence.
  • Brake force indication left & right up to 8 kN.
  • Digital presentation of brake force left and right.
  • Digital presentation of brake force difference left to right.
  • Wheel lock indication lamps left & right.
  • 4x4 reversible roller kit included.
  • Rolling resistance & ovality measurement.
  • Digital presentation of sideslip, weighing and suspension results.
  • Brake efficiency calculation for service- and parking brake after manual weight input.
  • Automatic brake efficiency calculation for service- and parking brake with weighing system in the roller brake tester or suspension analyser.
  • Memory for storage of all test results for front-, rear axle and parking brake with indicators.
  • Easy Exit® drive out of rollers.
  • Infra red remote control for operation of all functions of the roller brake test lane.
  • Standard wall bracket.


670 x 670 x 160 mm


  • Modification set 3PH 230V / 50Hz
  • Pivoting wall bracket
  • Network printing
  • Printer
  • Printer drawer
  • Printer wall bracket
  • Pedestal
  • Pedal force meters