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Play detector PD2700 - PD2705

The hydraulic PD2700 Play Detector (1 platform) is designed to check quickly and efficiently most steering and suspension components of passenger cars and light trucks.
It tests according to the UK statutory testing of Class 4, 7 and 5L vehicles in accordance with the MOT test (approval: EINAP16240A0909042).

Quick, Simple & Effective!

The PD2700 model consists of an hydraulic power unit, a control lamp (cable connected or wireless) and ONE platform. The platform is only 48 mm high and is actuated by two hydraulic cylinders. The control lamp contains two buttons. One for the lateral movement of the platform to the left and the right. The other to rotate the platform in the left and the right direction.

Two models are available: the PD2700 (cable control lamp) and PD2705 (wireless RF control lamp).

The PD2700 can be installed on either side of an inspection pit or can be integrated in a suitable 4-post lift.

Movements PD2700-PD2705
  • Left, right.
  • Inside, outside rotation 10┬║.
  • Automatic return to the pre-set (central) position after use.
PD2700 in-floor-frame
PD2700 platform with spacers in floor frame.


Electro-hydraulic, 1 platform
Maximum axle load
1500 kg/wheel
Sliding force/platform
12000 N
42 mm (each side)
Platform: 625 x 500 x 48 mm (LxWxH)
Operating pressure
225 bar
1 x 1,5 kW
Power supply
3PH 400 V / 50 Hz


  • Floor frame set
  • Single phase model (1PH 230 V / 50 Hz)
Brochure downloads
Escon PD2700-05


PD control lamp 2buttons
PD2700 control lamp.
PD-RF torch model -05
PD2705 RF control lamp.
PD Steering
Check points.
PD Suspension
Check points.