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SS32 Digital display

The SS32 is a full digital stand alone display for the sideslip meters SS2000HP (4ton), SS2080 (4ton) and TSS1000 (16ton). It contains a digital LED display and indication LED’s.

Quick, Simple & Effective!

  • Full automatic test sequence.
  • Digital sideslip results for all axles in m/km toe-in or toe-out.
  • Recalling off results per axle.
  • Infra red remote control for operation of all functions of the sideslip meter.
  • Standard wall bracket.
Test routine:
  • Drive up.
  • Let the vehicle wheel roll over the sideslip meter plate.
  • Read the test results.
  • If preferred: Assign results to an axle.
  • If preferred: Print results.
  • Print results direct from the display or connect the display into the network and print via the web browser from an available network printer.


58 x 33 x 5 cm
Power supply
1PH 230V / 50Hz


  • Pivoting wall bracket
  • Printer drawer
  • Printer
  • Printer wall bracket
  • Pedestal
Brochure downloads
Altesco SS32

Compact display.